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Student Resource Centre in Full Swing

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Primary Resource Centre 2011

This Easter saw loads of activity in the student resource centers.  There was story time and craft activities for the nursery and primary students and lots of activities to break up the study time for the secondary students. 
We also held 2 seminars for the secondary students in an improvised space upstairs (see blog entry for more info … we’re still waiting for the building work to finish so we can move in!)

Valium Online Usa

Martha Mwangome from KEMRI/Wellcome Trust, Kilifi, gave a fantastic seminar to the students over the Easter holidays (26th April, 2011).   50 students attended and everyone went away feeling very much more empowered to take control of their futures. 

What we especially learned was that it’s important to “Own” your own goal; without that as Martha says, we’ll never have the motivation to even make plans, never mind implement them!

Thanks so much Martha!  Can you do another one sometime?   
Compassionate Relief Fund

Online Valium Australia

Zena and Kesho volunteers have been busy with the compassionate relief programme this month.  They’ve delivered mattresses, mosquito nets and rice to particularly needy families.  This year we’ve delivered loads of clothing parcels (thanks mostly to donations from Neilson guests staying at the Mnarani Hotel) and also provided 15 families with 560 kgs of food, 24 litres of cooking oil, 8 mattresses and 11 mosquito nets. Compassionate Relief Apr 11.jpg