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Mac on the Kesho office verandah enjoying a peaceful moment before we moved upstairs!

Buy Diazepam Online Usa

Is anyone able to help?
Now, we don’t often do this, but we’re putting out a call for help as we’re desperately in need of extra sponsors to enable us to support the very brightest children on the coast of Kenya at top National secondary schools.   


We need to raise a total of Ksh880,000 or £6,300
by January, 2012!

The way it works in Kenya is that those students who get the best grades at the end of Primary School (that’s only 1% of the total entrants on the coast) are offered places at the top secondary schools or “National Schools”.   Once there, they have access to great facilities and teaching staff and hense 85% of them go on to join University; an amazing opportunity which not only helps build the future leaders of Kenya but also helps break the cycle of poverty within their own families and communities.  

Kesho has pledged to sponsor all these high achieving students and hence, in January this year, after Equity Bank had sponsored about half, we took the remaining 11 students from Kilifi and Ganze Districts.   

While we can continue sponsoring these 11 students in 2012, we don’t have enough funds to sponsor any new “National” places next year.  Being offered a place at a National School is an opportunity such students really can’t miss and for Kesho to overlook their need due to a temporary shortage of funds would be criminal really don’t you think? 

These kids are definitely worth the investment.  
If you’re able to help please contact us on
Thank you and a very Merry Christmas!
The Kesho Team