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IT Training with DOTKenya

IT Training with DOTKenya

by | Feb 22, 2012 | Uncategorized


Kesho secondary graduates setting up email accounts

Throughout February, DOTKenya, a charitable organisation in Kenya, has been running an entrepreneurial course and IT training for Kesho secondary school graduates.  Specifically, they’ve been learning the fundamentals of setting up and running your own business and how IT can be useful in the whole process.  

It’s been really well attended with over 70% of our graduates coming in every afternoon; some even come in the mornings too for some extra tuition with their peer, Mbigo who happens to be a quite a hotshot on computers! 
It’s lovely to see our new resource centre being used and but the greatest pleasure is seeing what fantastic young men and women the Kesho graduates are becoming; empowered, self motivated and optimistic about their futures.  
Many will go on to study for diplomas and degrees over the next year or two and others will find jobs.  Whatever they decide, we’ll be there to support them.