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Never give up and be optimistic

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In December 2013 we wrote in our Blog about Mbigo (Valium Online Usa). He was the first student to support another Kesho student in need. Two years have passed since; time to see how Mbigo is doing.


Mbigo, what are you currently doing?

I am now in my final year (Pursuing a degree in Informatics at Moi University Eldoret) and normally use the holidays to practice what I have been learning. I assist my peers if they have computer problems and I engage a lot in programming. Together with three classmates we have formed a group that looks out for small contracts to work on a freelance basis. We are successful since we have gotten some contracts.


How do you keep in touch with Kesho and how do you still support Kesho?

When I am at University I keep in touch via social media; mostly through the Alumni network. I also ‘give back’ by volunteering; just recently I helped Kesho assessing donated Laptops and I did some data entry for analyzing purpose. I also still support a Kesho student whenever I have the means. Recently I met the student for the first time and it was a very rewarding experience. He performs very well what gives me even more motivation to support him.

I have also been supportive in training secondary school boys and girls in basic computer skills. This is a 8-day event that seeks to empower the students with computer skills during the April school Holiday.


Mbigo assisting students during computer training



Your journey with Kesho started a while back. How has your relationship with Kesho changed over the year?

I still view Kesho as the organization, which does fantastic work. It is just great what Kesho does and I am grateful for the support I receive.


What do you wish for Kesho?

As I said, Kesho does fantastic work. I would wish that Kesho could expand its geographical reach because I believe that Kesho has a unique approach. Their support is holistic and does not only focus on educational but also on social needs.


What kind of message would you like to share with children and youth in Kilifi County?

There are lots of opportunities out there and its important to utilize those opportunities. You have to go out of your way; the ones who want to help will not look for you. Never give up and be optimistic.


What are your plans for the future?

After completing my studies I would like to still further my education. I am considering courses on ‘ethical hacking’ and ‘security’, which I believe focuses on important aspects in the informatics world. I mentioned that I and three of my classmates have formed a group; we called it iteqSoft. It is our plan to become a professional IT consulting firm.


Mbigo, thank you for this interview and your continuous ‘give back’ to Kesho. We wish you all the best!