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In my own words- Lister Mwamuye

In my own words- Lister Mwamuye

I am Lister Mwamuye a Kesho graduate and currently pursuing a Bachelor of commerce degree at the University of Nairobi; this is my third year.

When I reflect back where I started my academic journey, the name Kesho Organization cannot go unnoticed. I was enrolled as a beneficiary of the secondary sponsorship in my second year at Lenana school- a prestigious school that I was about to miss the chance to enroll. I became self-conscious and my mantra changed to ‘revolutionizing the youth in Kilifi’. Throughout my high school I kept promising myself that once I am done with my KCSE I would devote some ample time to make that dream true. That is how Elites Hope for Change Organization came about. I wanted to influence positively a mass of youth into changing the status quo of the society. I knew that wouldn’t happen if I fought like a lone soldier.

Elites Hope for Change Organization has been a revelation and story of 2014/2015. We successfully held seminars that addressed issues in regards to entrepreneurship. We inspired the youth to take charge of the devolved government and make use of the available opportunities. Moreover, we have linked some of them to institutions where they have pursued professional courses in business. I can confidently attest that in 2015 we made the most impact. We traversed to various places especially the marginalized areas of Ganze, Chonyi and Bamba. Our main objective was to engage the youth such that they could shift from their comfort chambers. They had to see what they could do as individuals at their various capacities. We taught them on some basic wealth creation fundamentals such as; how to save the little money they had. We shared crucial insights on the importance of education. We triggered their desires to start working and stop planning.

Fortunately, we have so far posted positive results in our campaigns and interacted with many youths in Kilifi. Engaging with youths and helping them better their lives and the community has been my major area of interest and focus.

Currently Elites Hope for Change Organization is advocating and drumming up support for cancer survivors. We have mobilized community members who are directly or indirectly affected by cancer. We are tirelessly supporting efforts to reduce victimization and stigmatization while trying to seek for financial support on their behalf. A recent case we handled entailed a form one girl who unfortunately passed on the 19/1/2017. Throughout her struggle the group had been working closely with the family to ensure that she got the best care. At some point we involved the county governor to sort out her bill as we seek other avenues to assist and to ensure that doctors amputated her leg. As we engage different stakeholders and opinion makers in the county, my belief is that Cancer survivors have a platform to share their story and come out strongly to educate the community on early screening and more so engage the county hospital to increase the awareness campaign.

I cannot deny the several challenges I have encountered along the way from various institutions in different fields. The expectation from my peers has not only been encouraging but at the same time overwhelming and as such this has given me the zeal to keep going with the initiatives that I truly hold to heart.  As I ponder and envision what the future holds, I cannot resist the thought of various stories I haven’t written about or shared in depth. Someone said there is always a second chance, right? Perhaps I should keep my fingers crossed and wait for that chance to finish this story. I believe this story will help other youths wherever they are to stop procrastinating and live the future today. We all can do it in our own special capacities.