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A dream becomes reality: Studying in the USA

A dream becomes reality: Studying in the USA

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

My name is Rachael. I study at Hillsdale College in the USA. I am a Kesho Kenya beneficiary. As a young girl in 2012, my dreams of ever becoming a resourceful person in my community like a mentor seemed unreal because of my family’s poor living condition. No one in my family line had ever finished secondary school. I guess they all knew education was important but how to get there was one impossible riddle.

Kesho financially supported me through my high school education. It not only made my dreams a reality but also the dreams of the whole community. I am sure many young girls and boys are motivated when I tell them I go to school in the USA. The “nothing is impossible” norm has been validated or at least I can say I’m a living testimony.

At school, I serve as the coordinator of the International Students Mentorship Program and also the Resident Advisor to a freshman dorm on campus. These roles give me the opportunity to serve as a mentor and a support system to the students in school.

I qualified for these opportunities because I underwent resourceful trainings at Kesho Kenya like leadership, first aid, reproductive health and many others. All these trainings equipped and developed my social life. My ambition is to be successful in my academic journey. Not just for myself but for everyone who is looking up to me as an example.

I consider my experience with Kesho Kenya exceptional, it is one that has formed the foundation of all that I am today.”

Rachael has awed many by her tremendous achievements. In Primary School, she attained very good marks but her family could not afford to take her to Secondary school. Lucky for her, Kesho Kenya offered her sponsorship. Rachel scored an A minus and thus was the top female student in Kilifi County.On March 2017, Kesho introduced her to Zawadi Africa Educational Fund which empowers exceptionalgirl students in Africa to secure college opportunities abroad. Kesho Kenya guided her through theapplications and college selections in where she was accepted at Hillsdale College in Michigan State.