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Kilifi-Mombasa Student Exchange

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Mkingirini and Kiwandani Primary Schools host students from Braeburn Mombasa International School 

Students spent the morning having lessons together and then had a game of football before leaving at lunchtime.  Braeburn children couldn’t believe that in Class 3 of Mikingirini there were 120 children (sitting on the floor); more than the whole of Braeburn Primary School put together. When it came to football and to lessons they found they had a lot in common – certainly the Swahili lessons challenged some of the Braeburn children!  BMIS School Exchange.jpg

Sponsors visit Vitengeni

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Cellestine invited her sponsors to her family home this week.  What a lovely day it was.  A goat was slaughtered to mark the occasion with the whole family enjoying the feast.  The celebration ended with a huge sing-song in our van on the way home with everyone squashed in.  You must have heard us….!
Cellestine is one of 13 children and is the only girl to have completed secondary school thanks to her sponsorship with Kesho.   Having done well in her exams, she volunteered for a while in the Kesho Office and is now being sponsored on a Business Management Diploma at Mombasa Polytechnic. Cellestine's Home visit.jpg

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A Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis was conducted recently to understand the short and long-term impact of Kesho’s Secondary Programme.  The results showed a very high return on investment of £18 of social value for every pound invested.  The executive summary by Mrs. Sally Bagenal can be downloaded from our Buy Diazepam 5 Mg 

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The Kesho Alumni was officially launched on
Friday July 8th 2011. 
The aims of the Kesho Alumni are to
1.  Create a professional and social network for Kesho graduates.
2.  Create a forum for offering mentorship of existing Kesho students.    

The Alumni Committee were elected at a meeting at the Kesho Offices on 24th June ’11 and include. 
  • Emmanuel Mbaji – Chairperson
  • Alphonse Mrima – Secretary
  • Cellestine Jefwa – Assistant Secretary
  • Ambrose Mwango – Treasurer
Congratulations to the Kesho Office and Student Graduate team for organising such a great new initiative. 


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Raising awareness on:

  • Taking joint responsibility in relationships
  • Menstruation and making your own towels
  • Risks of HIV and STD’s

What a success again!  This year we broke convention and invited girls and boys on the same day!  They were together for the morning session which included a movie and discussion on reproductive health issues and then in the afternoon the boys talked about HIV, drug and substance abuse while the girls talked about very practical ways of how to manage menstruation with demonstrations on how to make your own towels. 

A total of 63 Kesho sponsored students (30 girls and 33 boys) attended (aged 13 – 22 years) and some brought their friends along too.  More than half the students said they learned a lot about decision making in relationships and 13% said they learned the importance of self-esteem.

Experienced peer educators from Scope, Kilifi and Mr. John Lord from Mombasa helped host the day and did a great job putting everyone at ease and empowering them to feel free to ask all the important and pressing questions they had. 

Special thanks again to Upendo for the venue and delicious food and to the participants for their full participation and frankness. 

Christmas Craft Day 2010

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Another gorgeous Christmas Craft Day with children (parents, grandparents and younger siblings!) from Kesho and from Upendo creating beautiful beaded christmas tree decorations.  All the children got to take a pack of beads and thread home with them and the decorations were posted to sponsors – did you get yours?  

Thanks again to everyone who helped make it such a lot of fun and especially to Upendo Orphan Support Group for the venue and lovely sweet teas.DSC_0116_2.jpgDSC_0092.jpg