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1st Aid Training for Kesho Students

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27 secondary students signed up for the introductory 1st Aid workshop on 25th August, 2011 by Mr. Mwahali Mwarimo, the Disaster Preparedness and Response Office for Kenya Red Cross, Kilifi.  The day was hosted in the Kesho Resource Centre.
First Aid_1-1.jpg
Students were offered basic 1st aid training and also introduced to the contents of a standard 1st Aid Kit. 
Everyone had a go a CPR and practiced making splints for broken limbs.  It was tremendous fun as well as being a great and important learning experience.  
Visit to Pwani University

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The visit to Pwani University on 23rd August, 2011 was well attended by 33 Form 3 Kesho sponsored secondary students. 

Nearly all universities in Kenya are up country and in Nairobi and, therefore, seemingly inaccessible for many children growing up on the coast.  Indeed only 2% of students from Kilifi and Ganze Districts currently attend University.  

The visit to Pwani University in Kilifi, was intended to expose our students to University life, experience the atmosphere, find out what’s needed to earn places and hopefully inspire them to strive for this wonderful opportunity. 

They were met by Dr. Rarea who gave a talk about the university and what courses are available at Pwani.  Students were shown around by Pwani University students who are known to us as they often volunteer for Kesho during the busy holiday periods. 

32% of Kesho graduates are currently attending University and a further 18% are doing Diploma courses.  This is amazing compared to the district averages of 2% and 8% respectively.  

We are hoping that many more Kesho students will follow in their footsteps next year.  As Mac says “you’ve got to want to go to University in order to go”.   Hard work (of course) and also exposure to university life and encouragement from peers will help you on your way.

Be confident and ambitious – Unaweza (you can)!

Pwani Visit 2011_1

Kesho Students leading the way at Pwani University

Kesho Careers Day 2011

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30 professionals representing 11 careers and 93 students from Kesho and Moving the Goalposts gathered together at Upendo for the 3rd Kesho Careers Day on 20th August, 2011. 
Career advice is not available in schools yet for students to make realistic choices and plans for their future it is essential they are given access to relevant information and the opportunity of discussing ideas and options with experts in their field. 
The day focused on enlightening students on available career choices based on their likes/dislikes, skills, market needs and academic performance.  Talks on interview techniques from Dr. Sam Kinyanjui (Head of Training at Kemri) and about careers in Law from the Kilifi Senior Chief Magistrate were highlights of the day. Careers Day 2011_1.jpgCareers Day 2011_2.jpg
Kesho Student awarded IB Scholarship to Aga Khan Academy Mombasa

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Well deserved indeed!


Kirimo Johnston – Awarded scholarship to Aga Khan Academy 2011

Kesho graduate, Johnston Kirimo, has been awarded a 95% scholarship to undertake the International Baccalaureate Diploma at the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa.  This is an amazing opportunity for Kirimo as he will be exposed to a very different curriculum and international experience.  It was a tough interview process, but he prepared well and deserved his success.  He will spend the next 2 years at the Aga Khan and then take up his place at a Kenyan University in 2013 (unless he gets a scholarship to a university overseas in the mean time – it wouldn’t surprise us!).

Kirimo came from a very poor rural background and is the only boy from that school who has ever done well enough to earn a place at one of the top National secondary schools in Kenya. 

We asked him:
What have been the most significant influences in your life so far….
“I was originally motivated by an educational officer who visited the school many years ago, when I was in class 1 or 2.  He told us we were all stupid and lazy because we were from the rural coast.  I was so affronted and angry that from that moment on I was determined to prove him wrong.

When I got offered a place at Lenana Secondary School my dream had come true but there was no way my family could afford to send me.  If it hadn’t been for KESHO I’d have never been able to go.  Once I got to Lenana secondary school I’ve been really positively motivated – at school and at  Kesho we are always reminded that we’re the best and we really learn to believe in ourselves.”

What will you be doing while you wait to take up your place? he explained…
“I’ll be helping out at my old primary school, giving extra tuition and also being a positive role model to them – the kids there will really benefit from learning about what amazing opportunities are out there for them if they work hard.  It doesn’t matter if you’re from the coast or from a poor family – if I can do it, so can they.”  

The international baccalaureate (IB) programme is an internationally recognised diploma offered by accredited institutions across the world.  The IB prepares students for university education by imparting useful skilss such as critical thinking, research and project work as well as exposing students to a variety of other life skills.