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A day in the life of Joy

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Meet our volunteer; Joy.

Every day she works with our basic education team and has been a huge part of our reading programs. Joy is always calm, collected and a very engaging teacher.

Joy is trained as an early childhood educator. At first, it was a challenge for her to gain work in this field, but she was “determined to find something constructive to engage in”. We are so glad we have her at Kesho.

When Joy was accepted as a Kesho Kenya volunteer, she was “very excited” to start work. At first, Joy thought she would spend her time “swamped up with desk-work such as filing” but was surprised as Kesho offered her opportunities tailored to her skills and passions.  


Volunteering at Kesho has also supported Joy at home. She now enjoys reading to her three year old daughter, something she never did before. Joy’s satisfaction from the Tusome Early Literacy Programme is “immeasurable”. ‘

“I feel so empowered and I am ready to be a model educator”- Joy, 2018 Kesho Kenya Volunteer.

At Kesho, we truly appreciate all our volunteers, staff, donors and sponsors.

Asante sana Joy! 

The power of reading

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Imagine waking up and not being able to read. The words on a page represent a confusing blur. What feelings come to mind? Powerless? Confused? frustrated?

This is how many children feel on a daily Kesho Kenya we want to change that.

Recently, our basic education team have been working on empowering children through reading.  Already this year we have reached 800 primary school children; supporting them to develop their reading. 

Weekly lessons facilitated by our volunteers have consisted of class three students reading Swahili and English story books to each other. Over time, the students have grown in both skills and confidence. 

We celebrated this success with their parents and teachers with an afternoon of reading. The students read to their peers before reading to their parents. After, students were invited to read their story books out loud to the whole group.

With this engagement from the parents, they recognized the importance of reading in their child’s life. On the presentation days, the parents and teachers in partnership, made commitments to support the students with their reading. Huge progress for their children! 

“Only a generation of readers will spawn a generation of writers.”―Steven Spielberg

Head over Heels – Celestine weds Emmanuel

Cheap Valium Australia

Today is a wonderful day, because we get to share beautiful moments.

Weddings do celebrate life possibilities. This is not a fairy tale. It is a tale to tell and we are humbled to share. Some say weddings are epic, others may prefer blissful, gorgeous, amazing  and all sweet loving words to describe auspicious moments but this wedding is way “Head over Heels.”

Two couples with different life journeys are Alumni’s of Kesho Kenya.

Walk with us and lets get a peak on this amazing union.

The journey:

     After her Secondary education, Celestine volunteered at Kesho in 2010 and later proceeded to attain an ICT certificate. She later did a few jobs before securing a diploma certificate from Kenya institute of Management- Mombasa. Celestine’s hurdles enabled her hustle her way through to employment, starting with managing a cereal shop in Mombasa and got employed as a cashier in at Smart Home supermarket in Kiambu. Her dream is to be a successful entrepreneur.

     On the other hand after Secondary education, Emmanuel’s journey was more of passion and determination. Emmanuel completed his secondary school education and got to work for Amazon trye & service Centre in Nairobi. Later on he was able to secure a scholarship to Join Kanthari Institute for social Visionaries in India. Upon his return to Kenya through his vision to make a difference, Takkazi was born FB_IMG_1494774510950.jpg

Child Pregnancy! End the menace-“Tell a friend to tell a friend”

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We Caught up with Khadijah and wanted to know what she has been up to. Check out her story and what she intends to do.

My name is Khadija and I live in Kilifi. I am 19 years old and thanks to Kesho Kenya I completed my High School Education in 2016. In the four years that I was sponsored I attended various trainings and workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship, mentorship and sexual reproductive health training ; all very educative and entertaining. Here is where I came to learn about Online Valium Australia At first I thought it was just a mere topic that had to be included when one is talking about Buy Diazepam 5 Mgbut come to think of it, this was a problem worth noting, especially in Valium Online Uk Next Day Delivery

22% of girls aged 15-19 years in kilifi County have begun childbearing; higher than the national level. Specifically, 3% are pregnant with their first child and 19% have ever given birth compared to 14.7% and 3.4%, respectively, at the  national level. Ministry of health, adolescent sexual and reproductive health in kilifi County.

After completing my secondary education, I was shocked to learn that many of the girls (my age) some of whom are my friends and peers got pregnant; they are either with their first or second child. This was a reality check to me and devastating. I could not imagine the trauma and challenges they faced and wondered how they would manage to survive.


To my realisation, men in the community  lure young girls  into sleeping with them, sometimes even for little money taking advantage of their naivety .With most of the culprits being boda boda riders (motorcycle riders) and drunk men from drinking dens who pry on young girls sent to the shops at night or are walking at night. I find it sad that most of the girls do not receive any teachings on how one is to deal with Reproductive Health matters because either there parents are too shy to talk about it or they engage in such kind of acts in front of their children. These sadly are what the girls emulate.

Having noticed that many of the girls don’t get access to knowledge about reproductive health, I decided to join Valium Online Mastercardwhere, the group stages play and skits to pass messages on reproductive health with an aim to not only entertain the community and audience but also to educate them.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 09.26.45

In my view, I strongly believe that having active guidance and counseling in the many, remote schools in this county will help us reduce if not eradicate this nightmare. I strongly believe that we all need to play a part in reducing our girls getting pregnant and coming up with measures to detect the risks within our community. Join me in my journey.

“Tell a friend to tell a friend.”

Transforming waste to wealth

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It is our aim to keep in touch with all our graduates to see where life takes them. Emmanuel is one of them. In 2016 he supported us during Careers Day by advising Secondary students in their career choices and sharing his experience in the field of environment and social enterprise.

This year together with 10 Kesho Gap Year students we visited him at Buy Genuine Valium Online, a Social Enterprise he funded in 2015.


It was an amazing and inspiring experience. Having the courage and drive to start a social enterprise is proof that Emmanuel has a strong personality. Without the past experiences he would probably not been where he is at this point of time. He did not only give us insights into plastic recycling and its business opportunities but also shared his story with us to encourage the graduates to follow their passion.

He started getting interested in waste management during High School. Not having the means to use public transport to go to school he had to walk. Every morning and evening he walked along a huge dumping site and that’s what drew his attention to waste management and its challenges. He realized that there is something wrong but did not know what to do about it. He started researching about it and after college he worked at a waste management organization.


He saw the potential in waste and that he could make a change in peoples life by providing job opportunities and at the same time positively influence the environment within his community. And he did it! The infrastructure is set up; plastic is collected, sorted and sold. Very soon he expects to get connected to power so that he can further process the collected plastic to increase its value. Once that is in place it there are other goals to achieve and to make Takkazi grow to an organization that can make a change.


But that is not all; Emmanuel wants to go beyond plastic recycling by creating awareness in communities. He has introduced environmental clubs in Primary and Secondary Schools. He believes changing children’s attitude towards waste management is key to realizing Vision 2030 goals.

Emmanuel said: “I can’t tell my story without mentioning Kesho”. That makes us proud and affirms us in what we do and the impact we can have.