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We do enjoy a good Christmas Craft Day!  This was 4th year to join up with Upendo, a local orphan support group and make beaded christmas decorations for our sponsors.  A perfect escape from chores at home – a chance to be a child.
This year, I think they enjoyed the swings more than the bead making and why not!  Luckily Sandra, our Primary Programme Officer, was there to calm everyone down with a story to end a perfect morning; she never misses an opportunity to share her passion of reading with the children.  
Before going home everyone was given a bead kit so they can have fun making more decorations with their families – it’s what Christmas is all about!    
dsc_0753_xmas craft2_12

We were many! Beaded Pipe Cleaner Glasses were the fashion accessory of the day

dsc_0727_xmas craft_12

I guess some enjoyed the beads more than others!

dsc_0821_xmas craft_12

There was loads of fun to be had on the swings too – and why not?

dsc_0697_xmas craft_12

The decorations look really beautiful

dsc_0870_xmas craft_12

Sandra sharing a story to end the day

dsc_0815_xmas craft_12

Well in truth, it was the see saw which ended the day!