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Every school holiday all Kesho sponsored students come for an interview to the Kesho office. Other than evaluating their academic performance we also give guidance and support where required. In order to have quality time with each student we engage a number of volunteers who assist us with those interviews.

Let’s hear what they have to say:



Amina Omar, 2nd Year Moi University

“I find it very interesting to do these interviews because I get to meet many students with different personalities. Some may have weaknesses in specific subjects and here is where I come in to encourage them and together figure out how to improve.”



Kesho Alumni, awaiting to join university next year

“It’s the second time I am assisting with the end of term interviews. The students share their wishes and goals; and it was interesting to hear that a number of the children aspire to be doctors. I like helping children dream and set realistic goals”



Trained and experienced ECD teacher

“I have a passion for children and have been assisting with end of term interviews for 8 years. This has given me the chance to see children grow and experiencing the journey through Kesho is just wonderful.”



3rd year student at Pwani University

“Education is my passion; I like interacting with children. Through these interviews, I get experience in my area of study. Most importantly I get insights into the student’s life, like their interests, struggles etc. hence share my experiences to motivate them as I can identify with most of these issues.”



Trained and experienced Accountant

“This exercise is very interactive, I like that. I get to know more about the students and it is interesting to see how things have changed since my school days. It also gives me the opportunity to advise the students on various social and academic issues.”