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The visit to Pwani University on 23rd August, 2011 was well attended by 33 Form 3 Kesho sponsored secondary students. 

Nearly all universities in Kenya are up country and in Nairobi and, therefore, seemingly inaccessible for many children growing up on the coast.  Indeed only 2% of students from Kilifi and Ganze Districts currently attend University.  

The visit to Pwani University in Kilifi, was intended to expose our students to University life, experience the atmosphere, find out what’s needed to earn places and hopefully inspire them to strive for this wonderful opportunity. 

They were met by Dr. Rarea who gave a talk about the university and what courses are available at Pwani.  Students were shown around by Pwani University students who are known to us as they often volunteer for Kesho during the busy holiday periods. 

32% of Kesho graduates are currently attending University and a further 18% are doing Diploma courses.  This is amazing compared to the district averages of 2% and 8% respectively.  

We are hoping that many more Kesho students will follow in their footsteps next year.  As Mac says “you’ve got to want to go to University in order to go”.   Hard work (of course) and also exposure to university life and encouragement from peers will help you on your way.

Be confident and ambitious – Unaweza (you can)!

Pwani Visit 2011_1

Kesho Students leading the way at Pwani University