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What a success!  We’ll definitely do this again next year girls!

All girls over the age of 15, from KESHO and Upendo Organisations were invited and nearly everyone came – word had got out that it was going to be a great day and no one was to be disappointed! 
Issues concerning the girls were discussed in various different forums and included sex, sexual feelings, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and menstruation.  There was lots of singing and dancing as well as serious discussion!  
Experienced peer educators from Moving the Goalposts hosted the day and did a fantastic job putting the girls at ease and empowering them to feel free to ask all the important and pressing questions they had. 
Special thanks to Upendo for the venue and delicious pilau, to the girls for their full participation and frankness and to Lydia and the peer educators from MTG who ran the day and made it such a lot of fun for everyone.