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2nd Kesho Careers Fair 2010

129 young students and 54 professionals gathered together at Upendo grounds for the 2nd Kesho Careers Day.  Students from Kesho and girls from Moving the Goal Posts attended the event and talked to experts from a wide range of professional fields including Medicine, Law, Engineering, Construction, Carpentry, Science, Human Resource Management, Teaching, IT, Banking, Media and more….

Career advice is not normally available in schools yet, for students to make realistic choices and plans for their future, it is essential they are given access to relevant information and the opportunity of discussing ideas and options with experts in their field. 

The Careers Day focused on enlightening students on available career choices based on their likes/dislikes, skills, market needs and performance at school.  For some, this knowledge can help overcome feelings of helplessness, particularly among average performing students who sometimes feel there is nothing left for them once the top performers have taken the highly competitive places in medicine, law and engineering.

All in all, it was a really amazing day and the students came away feeling much more aware of the range of careers that are out there to choose from and also the broad range of jobs within each field that can be matched to people of all academic abilities.  (You can download our report from the evaluation from our website)

Thank you to everyone, especially the professionals, who gave their time and supported the event.  A huge amount of advice, guidance, encouragement and inspiration was given to the students and it was clear that they really valued the experience.  Hope you’ll come again next year!

support given on the day.
The KESHO Careers Day is only possible because of the huge amount of voluntary
We extend our thanks to:
The students
From Kesho and MTG who attended and supported the event.

The professionals
Who did an amazing job engaging with the students and sharing their knowledge and experience.  Also for giving up your time on a saturday morning! 
The institutions
Represented on the day and including: KEMRI/Wellcome Trust Research Unit, Equity Bank, Barclay’s Bank, Kenya News Agency, Kilifi Rotary Club, Pwani University, Kilifi, Radio Rahma, Cornerstone Builders, Asembo Carpenters
The Event Organisers
   The Kesho Committee (and especially to Sam Akech, Tabitha Mwangi and MacKinlay Mutsembi). 
   KEMRI Schools Engagement Programme (SEP) (especially to Alun Davies and Bibi Mbete) for also helping to evaluate the event. The evaluation report can be downloaded from our website.
The hosting organisation- Upendo
for providing the facilities, hosting and cooking such a great lunch!