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Ngala Lemic – Welcome to the Kesho Team

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We’re delighted to have Ngala Lemic join the Kesho team.  He has taken over from Ambrose who has just left for Nairobi University.  Lemic will be working in the office until the end of the year helping with general duties, gaining IT skills and work experience as well as being a role model and mentor to other secondary students sponsored by our programme.

He’s settling in so well and watching him now you wouldn’t believe that only a month ago he’d never used a computer.

Lemic is a really dynamic young man.  He graduated from Ribe Boys secondary school in 2010 with a B plain and will be called to Maseno University in January next year to study Sociology. 

In November last year, after leaving school Lemic, from his own initiative, set up a children’s football team in his home area, with around 35 members, with the idea that football could be a  vehicle for change.  Many of the children in his area were not in school and he was concerned about their futures.  Once they joined the team they would talk to Lemic about the importance of education and he’d inspire them to study.  He was the perfect role model having struggled himself to finish school; and indeed would have dropped out of secondary school had Kesho not sponsored him.  

He’s proven to be a great role model for young people and we’ll be proud to be supporting him again in his new challenge at University next year.

Kesho Chairwoman, awarded Head of State Commendation

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Zena Salim HSC delivering rice as part of the Compassionate Relief Programme of Kesho

Mrs. Zena Salim, Chairwoman of Kesho, is now officially Mrs. Zena Salim HSC having been awarded the Head of State Commendation, Civilian Division.  This includes a title, a certificate signed by President Kibaki and a medal.  The award was in recognition of her role “….in promoting education especially by financing girl child education and supporting payment of school fees to bright needy students [through Kesho]. She also participates in advisory panels to eradicate retrogressive cultural practices like early marriages and teenage pregnancies [and works towards the empowerment of women]…..” 
This award is highly prestigious.  Zena has been nominated by the community and it’s leaders and it is without doubt, extremely well deserved.  
Congratulations Zena – we’re so proud and grateful to have you leading the Kesho family.

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Certificate signed by President Kibaki on 18th Dec 2010
2 Kesho Students off to University

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and Duncan on recent Kesho Trip to Pwani University

Congratulations to Ambrose Mwango and Duncan Ngoma who are both off to Nairobi University today.  Ambrose will be studying Electrical Engineering and Duncan, Pharmacy (although he’s hoping to change to Medicine once he gets there). 

As ‘A’ grade students they both qualified for government sponsorship and loans.  Kesho was happy to top up their finances a bit by providing some support towards their upkeep. 

Both students graduated back in December 2010 and while awaiting their calling letters for University they really made good use of their time by helping in the Kesho Office and doing some  voluntary teaching and tutorials at their old schools.  

In addition, Ambrose was employed most of the time by Kesho as a Peer Educator as well as doing a lot of data entry and analysis to support our Monitoring and Evaluation programme. We’ll really miss him but are thankful he trained up another Kesho graduate, Ngala Lemic, to take over. 

Duncan was also very busy as he was selected to join the first cohort of 6 students under the School Leavers’ Attachment Initiative coordinated by Alun Davies of Kemri.  The aim of the programme is to nurture the interest of talented students in health research careers.   The attachment involved 2 week job rotations within 6 different departments at Kemri where students shadowed staff and got involved in a range of activities (more about this on our other blog entry 1st Sept 2011). 

Well done again guys.  We’re all very proud of you and hope you will continue to visit us at  Kesho to inspire our up and coming students. 

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Students form the School-Leavers’ Attachment Scheme leave for University
The first cohort of students under the School Leavers’ Attachment Initiative recently left the programme to join various universities within Kenya. The students, who were drawn from Kilifi, Kaloleni and Ganze districts, had been attached to the programme since November 2010 for a four month programme where they were they got the opportunity to gain valuable work experience which will be useful in their future careers. 
The School Leavers Attachment programme, coordinated by Alun Davies, is a pilot initiative that seeks to nurture the interest of talented students in health research careers as well as contribute to the broader KEMRI-Kilifi community engagement strategy by promoting mutual understanding between researchers and the community. 
Selecting the six attachment students involved liaising with the District Education Officers (DEO) for Kilifi, Ganze and Kaloleni to identify 30 students who achieved B+ or above in the 2009 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations (KCSE).  These students were invited for an open day at the programme where they got an opportunity to learn about locally conducted research and complete an application form for the attachment.  Twelve students were selected for face-to-face interviews based on the application forms and from this, six successful candidates were selected.
The six were Katana Kombe James from St. Georges High School, Gona Rehema from Ribe Girls Secondary School, Mrima Lucky Mgandi from Majaoni Secondary School, Kilifi, Ngoma C. Duncan from Ribe Boys High School, Kazungu F S Huldah from Ribe Girls Secondary School and Mrima H Patrick from St Teresa, Kaloleni. 
The attachment programme involved two week job rotations within six different departments and clusters including Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Operations (Human Resources, Finance, Procurement), Socio Behavioural Research  and Community Liaison Groups (SBR & CLG), Field studies (EPI-DSS), Wards and Labs. 
During these rotations, students got the opportunity to shadow members of staff; develop their critical thinking skills through reading and discussing research articles and other documents; and to attend team meetings, seminars, journal clubs, SSP, SCC and CCC. In addition to this, students attended fortnightly tutorials aimed at consolidating some of the learning at each department/cluster, and developing professional skills. Tutorial workshops included: Qualitative and quantitative research methods; communication and presentation skills; writing a Curriculum Vitae, a cover letter; and preparing for a job interview.
As the students head out to university, plans are in place to invite them for a further one month attachment per year during their vacation periods until they graduate. This will be useful to monitor students’ progress and sustain their interest in pursuing science related careers over the period of their tertiary education. 
By Alun Davies, Kemri-Wellcome Trust Research Unit, Kilifi, Kenya – 2011