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268 sponsored in 2012

Valium Buy

We’re sponsoring a total of 268 children this year from nursery through to university.  That’s a total of 398 children since we started. 
Without this support, all these children would either have not enrolled or have had to drop out of the educational system due to poverty.  
They’re all funded from your donations.  Thank you! Kesho Growth Graph 2004-2011.gif

Academic Highlights from 2011

Order Diazepam 5Mg

57% of Kesho Secondary Students performed in the top 25% of their year group in their end of year exams in December 2011.  

Our primary children excelled themselves with 3 out of the 6 who sat their KCPE (End of School exam) taking up places in Provincial Secondary Schools.

28 Secondary Students sat their end of year KCSE Exam in December 2011.  34% qualified for University and a further 21% for a College Diploma course.  Amazing results when you consider the district average is 3% and 7% respectively.  Extraordinarily well done! 

3 University Students to receive a laptop computer donated from Friends in Bangkok’s Tropical Medical Research Unit.  These students are currently studying IT and Science degrees and need a laptop to handle the work and to remain competitive among their peers.

2 secondary school leavers gaining work experience in the Kesho office during their Gap year.  We welcome Mbigo and Pili who are doing a fantastic job.
For more on Kesho’s recent achievements, visit our Ordering Valium

Pie Chart_2012.gif