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Prize Giving Day 2012

Prize Giving Day 2012

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What a positive day!  A total of 221 students, parents and Kesho friends came to give their support to all the students who have achieved so much over the past year; and there’s been a lot of those!  Around 50 prizes were given to children and students from Primary through to University level including awards for best academic achievement, most confident, most effort, most improved, most organised, most community minded, most supportive parent and so on…   We all really enjoyed the inspirational talks by Kesho students (Mary) and graduates (Lemic) and folded up laughing at the performance by “House of Talent” (Mnarani Entertainers).  We were honoured to receive and welcome several community leaders from Kilifi and Ganze including Hon. Francis Baya (MP Ganze), Mr Athman Matano (Snr Chief Kilifi Township Location), Dr. Tsofa and other Kilifi Rotarians, Mr. Masha (Head Teacher, Kilifi Township Secondary School) and Mr. Damigott (Head Teacher, Mikingirini Primary School). 

The photo’s say it all!


Mr. Masha, Former Head Teacher of Ribe Boys and
now Head Teacher of Kilifi Township awarding a prize to
Amina.  Mr. Masha is an inspiration to many Kesho students.
Many parents turned up to support their children.
This lady was awarded the prize as being the most
supportive parent.
Dr. Sam Kinyanjui, Head of Training, Kemri
presenting an award to Rachel for exemplary academic performance with Zena Salim, Kesho’s Chairperson
Kesho volunteers welcoming guests
A tour of the Kesho Office and Resource Centre after the Prize Giving
with several local dignitaries who supported the event
and have also shown much support to Kesho over the years.
Hon. Francis Baya – MP Ganze, presenting Kesho award to
Mbigo for obtaining the Highest Grade in KCSE in 2011. 
Mr. Damigott – Head Teacher Mikingirini Primary,
presenting an award to Lemic for being
the most dedicated to his community.  


The House of Talent entertainers from Mnarani – had us all
crumpled up with laughter.  Many students
were called up spontaneously to talk.  Such fun!
Rachel on stage with House of Talent

Great Job Mac (left).
Mac is Kesho’s Programme Manager and was MC for the day. 
Form 1 Orientation Day 2012

Form 1 Orientation Day 2012

We had a lovely morning with the Form 1 students on friday 20th April.  Students were  introduced to the Kesho programme and shown all the interesting and exciting things on offer to them through our resource centre and enrichment programmes.  There were warm up games, focus group discussions with their peers who were recent graduates themselves, as well as a computer tour of the Kesho website and blog. 
While we had to cover the administrative details of a Kesho sponsorship too, the overall aim of the day was really to express to students how much confidence we have in them and to encourage them to share our belief in their individual abilities.  These students are academically very bright and, like their peers before them, the majority will go on to study at University or College.  They have a real chance to make a difference, to break the cycle of poverty in their families and become Kenya’s future leaders.

Beatrice (Programme Officer; Secondary) showing photos from recent student events and activities.


Some of the Kesho Form 1 engaging in talks during the orientation day.


Pili demonstrating her talent as a song writer and singer – an truly inspirational performance.

Communication Training

Communication Training

Two workshops for Kesho staff and volunteers were held in March and April on communication techniques.  The workshop was facilitated by Kate Nokes with the aims of discussing and appreciating the importance of good communication skills and finding ways of improving what we’re doing.  Specifically the workshop covered:

  • How communication can directly impact on students.
  • Strategies to improve students’ self confidence, motivation and self belief.
  • Strategies for coping with difficult situations.
  • Communicating with each other, students and other stakeholders. 

In the final exercise we drew pictures of a model Kesho boy and a model Kesho girl – reminders of how we can help our students develop their individual personalities and strengths by giving good guidance, expressing our belief in them and by giving LOTS of positive encouragement.