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Reproductive Health Day 2012

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We had such a brilliant day on Friday with the upper primary and secondary students talking freely about all sorts of reproductive health issues.  

The theme for the day was a very positive one and brought boys and girls together so they could learn about and be sensitive towards each other’s challenges.  By sharing views and opinions, we hoped to promote mutual understanding and the importance of being equal and supportive partners in their relationships. 

The topics we covered included: 

  • Consequences of teenage pregnancy and of delaying pregnancy 
  • Contraceptive choices for boys and girls 
  • The female and male reproductive systems 
  • Decision making and assertiveness 
  • Reproductive health rights for young people 
  • Menstruation
  • STD’s 


Valium Online Usa
An opening energiser – organised by the Kesho Student Alumni 
Valium Buy
Session on Our Rights 
Buy Diazepam 10Mg Bulk
Lots of laughs throughout!
Cheap Valium Australia
Kesho Student assisting Isabel from Girls World on Reproductive Health Rights


Order Diazepam 5Mg
Explaining about methods of contraception
Want To Buy Valium In Uk
Decision making and assertiveness
Order Valium Online Australia
Boys discussion on menstruation and health issues specific to boys
such as prostate cancer

The students moved around in groups of about 15 and spent 30 minutes on each topic, discussing and taking part in all sorts of activities to make it fun as well as informative.

Thanks so much to Beatrice and Sandra from Kesho who ran two great sessions and to our guests: Ken Munge, Doctor at KEMRI, who talked to the boys about menstruation; Irene Ongoche a  Clinical Officer, who explained all about contraception and Isabel Mwangi of Girls World who talked about Legal Rights  ~ Great Work!


Nearly 100 students turned up which was more than 90% – fantastic!   Let’s do it again!
Early Childhood Development

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Our reading programme is in full swing this holiday for the nursery and lower primary children.   The new mattresses and cushions are a big hit; the children love to relax there and bury themselves in a good book.  
Sandra (Kesho’s Early Childhood Development Programme Officer), and Pili (Kesho Graduate) have a great system going where the children might do any of the following:

  • Free reading on the mats choosing anything from our bookshelves.
  • Playing games; Operation and Lego are popular!
  • Singing english, giriama and swahili songs with the words written up on a flip-chart
  • Free reading from short stories presented in either Giriama, Swahili or English.   
  • Story time where a story is read to the children in a combination of languages
  • Project time – which introduces an interesting topic from one of the books they’ve read and then supplemented with an art and craft exercise.

Through this combined approach we are helping to create a passion for books and reading.  We are conscious of the children learning in 3 languages so by integrating the languages into all we do we are helping to introduce and teach “reading for meaning”.

We’re all passionate about books!!