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Muddy Sunday

Buy Diazepam Online Usa

Zena, our Compassionate Relief Officer, organised a Kesho community and family effort to repair the walls and roof of a house in which a family, with children sponsored by Kesho, were sharing.  

Mud was dug from a nearby hillside, carried in buckets to the house, mixed with water, and thrown on the stick framework of the house to improve existing walls and to repair whole sections where there were gaping holes.  We purchased some makuti (thatch made from coconut leaves) to replace the sections of the roof which were leaking and donated a new mattress to the family for the children to share.   

I can’t believe it was all done in just one day.  Thanks to everyone who helped.  It cost so little and yet it’s made an enormous difference to the family who now have a house to be proud of as well as one which is warm and dry. 

Muddy Sunday_2.jpg

Muddy Sunday_1.jpg

Muddy Sunday_3.jpg

Muddy Sunday_5.jpg

Muddy Sunday_6.jpg