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Scholarships awarded to Top Kesho Students

Scholarships awarded to Top Kesho Students

With 34% of Kesho Secondary School Leavers qualifying for government assisted places at University within a district where only 2% as a whole qualify; and another 21% qualifying for Diploma courses at Tertiary College within a district where only 8% qualify, we are really kept on our toes to ensure these top performing students are aware of the opportunities available to them.


Kesho and Rotary Sponsored (through Kilifi Kids) Student Christine Kahindi was awarded a scholarship to USIU in 2012 to study for a BSc in Business Administration. Only 2 full scholarships are given per year. What an amazing opportunity!

Many banks are now offering scholarships to University and within these packages they offer work experience in the holidays at the bank and job opportunities upon graduation.  With unemployment among Kenyan youths being so high, these chances are not to be missed.  

Huge congratulations therefore go to all our students who have received full scholarships over the years (see table below). 

Most recently we want to congratulate two students, Mbigo and Christine who were top performing Kesho sponsored students last year and also top students in region as a whole.  They have both been awarded full scholarships to Universities in Kenya this year.   Mbigo received his from Cooperative Bank who will fund his course in Engineering and Christine received hers from CfC Stanbic Bank to study Business Administration at the United States International University – Africa in Nairobi; she was one of only two students selected this year!!

These students have remarkable stories.  Mbigo was orphaned just before going to Secondary School (aged 14 years) and has since matured into an extremely confident young man who is ever cheerful and optimistic.  Christine too has come a very long way; growing up with barely the basic needs at her home in a very rural part of the coast – it took a lot of courage for her to leave to join a top secondary school in Limuru, near Nairobi.

We really admire them both and wish them well.  They’re sure to make a real difference to their own lives as well as that of their families and communities as time goes on.

For more information on the Stanbic Scholarship Programme follow this link

Kesho students who have received full academic scholarships so far… very well done indeed…. visuri sana. 



Kesho Student awarded


Year KCSE University Course
Cooperative Bank Mbigo


2012 A- Moi Informatics
CfC Stanbic Bank Christine Kahindi 2012 B+ USIU Nairobi Business
Equity Bank Kai


2009 A Moi Engineering
Kemri internship Ngoma


2010 A Nairobi Pharmacy
Aga Khan Academy


Kirimo Johnston 2010 A- AKAM IB Diploma (pre-Uni)


Receiving the laptops in our resource centre on 19th Sept, 2012

Receiving the laptops in our resource centre on 19th Sept, 2012

Kesho’s Programme Manager, MacKinlay Mutsembi to become the Lead Trumpeter in European touring Musical “Out of Africa” for the next 3 months. 

MacKinlay was recently approached by a European company called “Peter Ultee Productions” to join other Kenyan youths in a musical called “Out of Africa: Kenya Musical Theatre Show” in which he will be the lead trumpeter.  The musical will tour 70 theatres across Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and the Netherlands for three months as a joint initiative with the Kenya Tourism Board to promote Kenya as a great tourist destination. 

It’s an amazing opportunity and one which he couldn’t miss; though we will miss him of course!   Rehearsals start in Nairobi tomorrow and the show runs from September 19th to December 9th – so he should be back in time to do the Christmas mailshot!

The running of Kesho’s sponsorship and student enrichment programmes will be well covered while he’s away by myself, Kate Nokes (CEO), Beatrice Njeri (Secondary Programme Officer) and Sandra Liani (Primary Programme Officer).  Mac will redirect his mail to us before he goes.

You can see more on youtube  

Out of Africa.jpg

Out of Africa2.jpg