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67% of Kesho students go to University and College

67% of Kesho students go to University and College

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Uncategorized

In the past month we’ve just sent 10 of our Secondary School Leavers to University and 5 to College.  So far, that means 67% of our students have gone on to study for Degrees and Diplomas greatly surpassing the average achievement in the district which is only 10%.  
These are students who, without our support over the years would never have enrolled in school or would have dropped out due to poverty; students who, in spite of all the odds, have demonstrated the determination to pull through and prove their capabilities.  By going to university they will have an opportunity to gain professional employment in the future and break the cycle of poverty in their families.  
We believe the individual support and encouragement given through our enrichment programme is contributing to the success of our students.  We’re supporting all the way. 

They’re a great investment.

3 of these students don’t yet have sponsors but we couldn’t let them miss the opportunity to go.  If you’re inspired to help please get in touch.  We really need it.  
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