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Mac on Tour update

Mac on Tour update

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Uncategorized

Well Mac certainly seems to be having a great time in Europe.  He’s in Denmark at the moment and enjoying being by the sea.  The musical (Out of Africa) has been performed to packed theatres all over Europe for the past 3 months.  He’ll be back in Kilifi in only 2 more weeks.   Can’t wait to see the DVD from the musical and to arrange a film show with the Kesho students!  

Mac in Europe1.jpg

Mac in Europe2.jpg

Christmas Craft Day 2012

Christmas Craft Day 2012

We do enjoy a good Christmas Craft Day!  This was 4th year to join up with Upendo, a local orphan support group and make beaded christmas decorations for our sponsors.  A perfect escape from chores at home – a chance to be a child.
This year, I think they enjoyed the swings more than the bead making and why not!  Luckily Sandra, our Primary Programme Officer, was there to calm everyone down with a story to end a perfect morning; she never misses an opportunity to share her passion of reading with the children.  
Before going home everyone was given a bead kit so they can have fun making more decorations with their families – it’s what Christmas is all about!    
dsc_0753_xmas craft2_12

We were many! Beaded Pipe Cleaner Glasses were the fashion accessory of the day

dsc_0727_xmas craft_12

I guess some enjoyed the beads more than others!

dsc_0821_xmas craft_12

There was loads of fun to be had on the swings too – and why not?

dsc_0697_xmas craft_12

The decorations look really beautiful

dsc_0870_xmas craft_12

Sandra sharing a story to end the day

dsc_0815_xmas craft_12

Well in truth, it was the see saw which ended the day!

Child Protection Awareness Day

Child Protection Awareness Day

Kesho held a very special day with parents of the primary children we sponsor to promote  awareness of child protection issues.  
Nearly 50 Mums came and talked very openly about their responsibilities and challenges.  For example, while they were all very much aware of the risks of leaving children alone while at work or sending children to work after school to help top up the income coming in to the household, without money to pay for childcare, it wasn’t obvious what options they had.  By talking through the issues among themselves, with Kesho staff and the Chief, lots of positive solutions were proposed and parents left feeling more empowered about ways of reducing risks and ensuring their children remain safe, healthy, happy while having time to play as well as to study.
Our aim at Kesho, we feel, is to listen and be supportive, working alongside parents to give guidance and being there for them whenever we’re needed.    
Thank you so much to Kesho staff who arranged lots of fun activities on the day, to Isabel Mwangi of Girls World and to our guests, Chief Athman and Rahab Wambui, Kilifi Child Protection Officer.     
DSC_0407_Child Protection 12.jpg
DSC_0468_Child Protection 12.jpg
DSC_0527_child protection 12.jpgDSC_0218_Child Protection 12.jpg