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Family Fun Day – 2012

Family Fun Day – 2012

by | Dec 3, 2012 | Uncategorized

Oh my word – what a brilliant day!
Sandra hosted a Family Fun Day for all the parents and  siblings of the Kesho supported primary and nursery children ~ around 130 people in all I should think!   It was an opportunity for parents to share our passion for reading and to also to have a bit of fun with their kids.  
It was so brilliant seeing the mums and dads just having a really good time – they so enjoyed participating in everything – especially the parents race which was very competitive! 
It was also very special seeing them enjoy reading with their kids so much – what was especially lovely was that the two having the most fun couldn’t read at all – that’s my favourite photo… what’s yours?

A big thank you to all the VSO Volunteers from UK and Kenya and to our Kesho Alumni students who organised the face painting, quizzes and many of the games.  


Drawing BIG Activity
The Banana Game with Lemic (Kesho Alumni)
Three Legged Race
The Mum’s Race – Zena (Kesho Chairwoman) is in the orange (centre back!) – the competition was tough
Sharing a book with friends
Mums and children sharing the joy of reading
Crazy Banana Game
Football with the Boys and Dads
A pause before Lunch