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IT Training in our Resource Centre

IT Training in our Resource Centre

by | Jan 16, 2013 | Uncategorized

With another donation of 3 more 2nd hand lap top computers from Oxford Brookes University, UK we celebrated with a IT introduction day to our most recent secondary school leavers.  For many it was their first time to touch a computer; but you wouldn’t believe how fast they learned and the pictures they drew on Coral Draw were very inspiring. 

We combined the day with some general discussions from Mac and Beatrice about what Kesho can do for them while they wait to sort out their future whether it be starting University, College or employment.   Options include:

  • IT Access and Training
  • Entrepreneurship Training course with DOTKenya
  • A quiet and welcoming resource centre to study, read and meet up with friends.
  • Workshops to prepare for employment such as CV writing, interview techniques.
  • A notice board advertising lots of opportunities.
  • Volunteer work with Kesho
  • Membership of our Alumni 

It was reassuring for many that our door remains open; there to give guidance as needed, while encouraging them to stay firmly in the driving seat.    

Here are some pictures from the day. 


Sharing a joke – Mac, Programme Manager, with some of the 2012 School Leavers.


An introduction to computers in the Kesho Resource Centre for many it was their first time


Pretty focussed.


More laughs – Mary, Kesho Student, helping take notes during the discussion period


Pauline, Kesho UK Treasurer, and Geoff who kindly organised the collection and donation of the laptops from Oxford Brookes University. THANK YOU!