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Not a chair to spare this easter

Want To Buy Valium In Uk

The resource centres have been crowded out this week, with barely a chair to spare (even our poor financial auditor had to stand half the day!).   Being the first week of the school holidays, most of the 313 children we now support, have visited to talk to us about their first term at, or back at, school as well as to use our facilities to study, play, read and be among friends. 

The younger children are making glittery easter cards and the mums found a small corner on thursday to continue with their “merry-go-round” saving plan before going on a visit to a demonstration garden to learn new, low cost, methods of planting and growing food; the fourth in their five part series of workshops being run through Scope International. 

It doesn’t stop…saturday morning, the first year secondary students have their induction day and next week there’s even more to entice and enrich our students…

Tuesday 23rd April – pre-careers day seminar

Thursday 25th April – last of 5 income generation workshops for mums
Saturday 27th April – Careers Day
Wednesday 1st April – Football match and more hula hooping for the primary children. 
Friday 3rd May April – Children’s Rights workshop and film about tribalism.
Then back to school…. watch this space – we’ll try and cover it all on the blog as well as send you some lovely photos in our newsletter out soon…. 


Secondary Resource Centre – not a chair to spare!


Primary Resource Centre – relaxing among friends.



Focused on her studies


Making Easter Cards


Mum’s found a small corner to gather before their agricultural outing.