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August Holidays

August Holidays

by | Sep 29, 2013 | Uncategorized

With Mac leaving and Kate having had a long and lovely summer break in the UK, Kesho has been in the very capable hands of Zena, Beatrice, Sandra, Isabel and Ted. 


We continued to hold loads of educational and enriching events over the holidays for our students and their families including sailing competitions, child protection awareness, secondary subject selection, first aid and lots more…  sorry there aren’t photos for them all…but here’s a summary.
July 17th ad 18th – 3 Kesho students took part in the Kenya National Optimist Championships held in Kilifi.   Some are currently training for the All African Championships in Mozambique in 2014.
29th-31st July – The value of volunteering (hosted by MTG for 4 Kesho students)
3rd August – Parents Day – for all parents to discuss child protection and our joint responsibilities.
10th Aug – Alumni – Kirimo Johnston’s Farewell party – he left for Canada to take up his full scholarship place to study Commerce at the University of British Columbia. 
26th Aug – Making subject choices – a seminar for Secondary form 1’s and 2s – Thanks to Mr. Masha for facilitating again this year. 
27th Aug – First Aid Training for secondary students – Thanks to Red Cross.
28th Aug – Child Protection awareness workshop for 11 to 15 year old Kesho students.
29th Aug – Sexual awareness sensitization workshop – 12 -18 year age group
31st Aug – 2 teams took part in the Kilifi Gold Triathlon – well done our lads!
22,27,29 Aug – Team building and letter writing the 12 primary children selected to be Pen Palls with the Harpenden Scouts in UK.
Please accept our apologies for being behind on the Blog but as you can see – 
we’re still putting our students first – running some fantastic participatory events and supporting Kesho students all the way.