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Child Protection – Isabel Mwangi joins the Kesho Team

Child Protection – Isabel Mwangi joins the Kesho Team

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Uncategorized

Welcome Isabel Mwangi

Kesho’s Child Protection Officer


Isabel, a Family Lawyer, has been volunteering with Kesho for a year

but, happily, this month she officially joined the team.  

She’s doing an amazing job ensuring children are

safe, happy, healthy and with time to play as well as study.

45% of Kesho’s primary children were found to be frequently left alone at home or having to go to work after school; sadly, a few even defiled.

Most of what we see is due to a lack of awareness of risk and also poverty complicating lives and limiting choices. 

Isabel handled 57 cases as well as hosting 8 events this year with parents and children to raise awareness of risks.  With 85% of parents engaged she’s certainly having an impact.

She’s also working at county level particularly to improve access and systems for reporting

It’s so good to know our children are now protected and learning more about their rights.  

Christmas Craft Day 2013

Christmas Craft Day 2013

What a Gorgeous Day !
The children (about 50 in total) spent saturday morning making loads of christmas decorations – party hats, windmills, cards, xmas tree decorations, tissue paper flowers and paper chains…. 
Our resource centre looks stunning and so, I expect, do the children’s home’s now also decorated with crafts from the day.  We’ll be posting some to our sponsors too so do look out for them in your letter boxes sometime during December.