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Phonics Teacher Training Course

Phonics Teacher Training Course

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Uncategorized

We all agreed what a wonderful job Wendy Buddin did in introducing some of the nursery and early primary school teachers to the world of “Phonics” in our resource centre during February, 2014.  Supported by her friend Louise Baker and by Kesho’s Primary Programme Officer, Sandra Liani, they spent two wonderfully inspiring days together, learning a lot of new ideas and techniques on modern approaches to teaching literacy.

Literacy rates in Kenya are poor, and particularly poor on the Coast where we are: 75% of children can’t read a short story by the age of 10 years (Uwezo Report 2013).  The obstacles to learning to read are enormous – class sizes are often between 50 and 80, there is a general lack of story books and resources in schools, teacher training courses are out-dated and, significantly, children are learning to read in their 2nd or 2rd language.     

This is just the beginning for Kesho – Sandra will be following up each week to help give teachers the courage, skills and creativity and enthusiasm to try introducing 10 minutes of phonics to their literacy lessons every day.  

Thanks so much Wendy and Louise for your huge contribution and expertise; I can’t say how much your belief and commitment means to us.    


Wendy teaching Teachers with Support from Louise


Wendy really giving it all


One of the teachers giving her vote of confidence to the phonics method to the rest of the team by sharing her personal experience of using it in the classroom