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Keeping up with Kesho – Activity chapter

Keeping up with Kesho – Activity chapter

As we cross over into the second half of the year, its time to look back and see what Kesho has achieved as from January-June of 2018. 

  1. Street Business School Training (SBS)

Our SBS has brought together cluster groups and parents as we train them on how to create a business that will earn them income.

  1. Employability Skills Training

As much as we want our beneficiaries to shine in their academics, Kesho recognises more than just academics. We have educated high school students and youth on interview etiquette and office dress code, cover letters and CV writing; ready to tackle the rest of 2018 and their futures.

  1. Tusome Project

This project has boomed in 2018. Kesho facilitators have educated standard three students; supporting them to improve their reading skills. By this, they are able to learn new vocabularies and thus able to express themselves well in English and Kiswahili.

  1. First Aid Training

This training is a life saving basic skill that we wish as many of our students and others to have. At Kesho, we want to save as well as enrich lives. 

  1. Leadership training

Some are born leaders, while others acquire the skills to become leaders. This year we have mentored some of our young generation on how to become a good leader. Encouraging  them to take part in leadership activities in school and back at the community.

  1. Sports Day

Work without play makes Jack a dull boy and that is why this year we decided to have a sports day where children had an opportunity to showcase their talents. We took note of these talents and are working in the best way possible to nurture them for the rest of the year and moving into 2019.

  1. Career Day

We all have people we look up to in life and wish to be like them in future. We have brought professionals to our career day, asking them to talk to our students on their careers and how our students can progress themselves. This motivates them to work harder.

  1. Malala Documentary

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani female activist and Nobel peace prizewinner who fights for girls’ rights. We showed her documentary to our children to inspire them to fight for their rights, erase community’s myths and misconceptions and acquire moral values.

  1. Safe Guarding

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We sensitised children, parents and community at large on the importance of having a safer environment. Children are able to help prevent bullying in schools or radicalisation and neglect. At Kesho we put children first. Everyone at Kesho also went on a team building activity, building trust and cohesion among staff members.

As we move into the second half of the year, we approach the August holidays. Here we will deliver activities to engage primary, secondary students and youth on a diverse range of topics.

10. Whats next for 2018?

Join us this August and walk our talk in ensuring that children don’t stay idle at home but acquire life-based skills and grow morally in to being very important people in the society!

A day in the life of Joy

A day in the life of Joy

Meet our volunteer; Joy.

Every day she works with our basic education team and has been a huge part of our reading programs. Joy is always calm, collected and a very engaging teacher.

Joy is trained as an early childhood educator. At first, it was a challenge for her to gain work in this field, but she was “determined to find something constructive to engage in”. We are so glad we have her at Kesho.

When Joy was accepted as a Kesho Kenya volunteer, she was “very excited” to start work. At first, Joy thought she would spend her time “swamped up with desk-work such as filing” but was surprised as Kesho offered her opportunities tailored to her skills and passions.  


Volunteering at Kesho has also supported Joy at home. She now enjoys reading to her three year old daughter, something she never did before. Joy’s satisfaction from the Tusome Early Literacy Programme is “immeasurable”. ‘

“I feel so empowered and I am ready to be a model educator”- Joy, 2018 Kesho Kenya Volunteer.

At Kesho, we truly appreciate all our volunteers, staff, donors and sponsors.

Asante sana Joy! 

A day in the life of Pendo

A day in the life of Pendo

After my first week in the office, the team had renamed me Pendo. Originally from England, my birth name is Heidi. However, at Kesho, we are a family… in Kenyan style, I was given a new name. Over a month later, I love office and field life; it feels like I have known my collegues for a lifetime.

My day starts early, by 8am I am working on various tasks. Currently I dip between departments. Managing the Instagram account for communications, preparing teaching manuals for child protection, and creating budgets for our secondary and youth programs. Every day brings something different and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Our office environment is always buzzing; all our staff and volunteers are so passionate about their work, which makes the days fly by. I sit opposite Tony, whom I have claimed as my Kiswahili teacher. Whilst trying to learn, I laugh harder than I thought humanly possible. But we make it happen, and slowly I am improving. We do so by multitasking, I always have at least one project running alongside, and so does he.

Being at Kesho has taught me many things; how to converse in Swahili, how to create budgets on a deadline, how to use my imagination with new projects, and trust myself. But most importantly, to smile and always give 100%; knowing what we do improves the lives of children all over Kilifi.

Author: Heidi Eggleton 

Keeping up with Kesho: July Edition

Keeping up with Kesho: July Edition

This July, our youth and secondary programs have had a revamp. We have created exciting projects ready for the rest of 2018, such as expanding our horizon with peace this space..

Our team in the office are preparing for the influx of students for the summer holidays. Our child protection team are creating fresh teaching materials based around child rights. All our program officers are planning their events, aiming to maximize the opportunities available to our students and the community. Wasichana Wetu Wafaulu (WWW) has continued progressing and supporting marginalized girls to access education. At the basic education department, following the success of their literacy program this month, they’re working on advancing this growth into August.

To facilitate our growing organization, we welcomed a new face, Phiona, into the office. Kesho are excited for the boost she will bring to our communications team.

This month we sent our staff and volunteers on a fun filled team-building trip. We created space for our team to open up about the challenges and success of the past year, allowing tensions to decrease and progress to be made, thanks to fun activities which facilitated this. At Kesho we appreciate our team and their wellbeing. Now refreshed, they’re ready for busy August Holidays full of work.

Thank you for your continued support.  For now, its work!


Author: Heidi Eggleton.


Silver lining for Rachel

Silver lining for Rachel

Meet Rachel Mbuche Kiti, a first born in a humble family of 6 siblings in Kilifi County who against all odds has awed many by her tremendous achievement and outstanding results which have offered her an opportunity to better her community. As the African proverb goes, ‘If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation’.

Rachel went to Kiwandani Primary School and attained 368 marks in her KCPE in 2012 but her family could not afford to take her to Secondary school. Lucky for her Kesho offered her sponsorship and was able to join Bahari Girls Secondary School. Rachael was determined to succeed and therefore worked industriously and managed to score an A- with 78 points in the 2016 KCSE exam. She was the top female student in Kilifi County and that earned her an internship program under Equity Leaders Program at Equity Bank for a period of 8 months. How lucky.

Being a Kesho beneficiary, she acquired several basic life skills from the enrichment programs and trainings she underwent and were organized by Kesho. On March 2017, Kesho introduced her to Zawadi Africa Educational Fund which is an organization that empowers exceptional girl students in Africa to secure college opportunities abroad. Kesho Kenya guided her through the applications and college selections in USA and managed to secure placement at Hillsdale College in Michigan State on April 2018. Rachael is to join in August 2018 and you can bet she is super excited to be in a new environment, a dream that would never have been reality were it not for Kesho Kenya.

‘’Thank you Kesho Kenya Organisation, Zawadi Africa Educational Fund, my family, friends and Bahari Girls community for your mentorship and endless support. I am really grateful. The future is bright for all of us. May the Almighty bless you abundantly.’’

Kesho is proud to have walked with Rachael and helped nurture her into being all rounded and a woman of substance. Don’t stop dreaming remember the sky is a viewing point and not just the limit.


Authors; Lilian Mbula

                                   Phiona Nzikwa




The power of reading

The power of reading

Imagine waking up and not being able to read. The words on a page represent a confusing blur. What feelings come to mind? Powerless? Confused? frustrated?

This is how many children feel on a daily Kesho Kenya we want to change that.

Recently, our basic education team have been working on empowering children through reading.  Already this year we have reached 800 primary school children; supporting them to develop their reading. 

Weekly lessons facilitated by our volunteers have consisted of class three students reading Swahili and English story books to each other. Over time, the students have grown in both skills and confidence. 

We celebrated this success with their parents and teachers with an afternoon of reading. The students read to their peers before reading to their parents. After, students were invited to read their story books out loud to the whole group.

With this engagement from the parents, they recognized the importance of reading in their child’s life. On the presentation days, the parents and teachers in partnership, made commitments to support the students with their reading. Huge progress for their children! 

“Only a generation of readers will spawn a generation of writers.”―Steven Spielberg