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Perseverance secret of all triumphs

Perseverance secret of all triumphs

It is the norm for many form four leavers to stay home; laze around after high school as they await university and college admission. Well, for some whose parents can afford, take them through computer classes. 

That is however not the case for Said Juma, who in his early twenties is busy with his traditional poultry rearing business.

Why I started up a business…

“I schooled in Rift Valley and most of my school friends had business that were doing so well from chicken rearing, livestock to crop farming. They would constantly talk about their businesses and how they brought in ‘good cash’ as they would say. This intrigued me to start something up.”


Being an adult, Juma wanted to have an income generating activity to be able to cater for his personal effects and look after his younger sibling. He therefore approached his uncle and requested that he gets capital to enable him start up a business. His uncle agreed to get him a loan which was used in constructing chicken shades and bought the first lot of traditional poultry which takes six months to mature. He is paying it off in installments.

Juma claims where he comes from pushed him to take this risk and not worry as he was positive that he will be able to pay it up. There is a common saying that states you can do anything you put your mind to but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears. Clearly, Juma has put his mind to being a businessman during this long break.

Being raised by a grand mum…

Said has been brought up by his grandmother after separation of his parents and later passing on of his mother. He is a fourth born of five siblings who from a very tender age knew what he wants in life: getting out of poverty and not depending on the grandmother – and he is working industriously towards attaining it. He has been disconnected from his older siblings for a very long time such that he knows not of their whereabouts.

“Growing up, my grandmother was in a traditional chicken rearing ‘chama’ that after some time flopped due to financial constraints. I had however learnt a thing or two from her as she would ask me to clean up chicken’s shade, give them food and water.  ”

What does the future hold?                                           

He wishes to study actuarial science at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and aspires to be a large scale businessman. He does not only plan to rear poultry but venture into other business opportunities he stumbles upon. He hopes to keep growing and expanding his business to self-sustenance.

“Honestly I owe everything I have and who I have become to Kesho. They made me, taught me everything I needed to learn, and educated me. Through the enrichment training I have acquired skills that enable me to think broadly and independently. Were it not for these skills, I am positive I would currently be idling at home doing nothing constructive.”

He urges his fellow youth to engage themselves in constructive activities instead of idling out as they wait to join tertiary institutions.