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Bumps are stepping stone to the next level

Buy Diazepam Online Usa

How many times do we get up, dust ourselves and keep running after a fall? Let’s see how Khadija does not give up no matter the circumstances. She tells her story in her own words.

The missed big chance

“After my secondary education, Anthony who was then the Youth Development program officer introduced me to Zawadi Africa which is a program that provides scholarships to academically gifted girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. I scored an A- in my final exam. He guided me through the application process and lucky for me I got it. I had not researched well on scholarships as one was to separately apply for scholarships which I had not done and this meant that I could not join.

The dream to study abroad

Missing this life changing opportunity really broke my heart and put me down for a while. I then decided to wait for the following year’s application period and I re-applied as it had always been my dream to study civil engineering abroad. I mean isn’t it everyone’s dream?

I got an admission to join Kenyatta University where I am currently pursuing civil engineering. The experience is awesome so far but it is not what I aspired and dreamt of. I still wanted to get into Zawadi Africa and so I never gave up. Lilian Kwamboka who is the program officer for Zawadi Education fund inspires me so much to work harder so as to attain my dreams.

Going to Hillsdale University in the USA

Luckily, I got into Hillsdale University where I will be joining this September to pursue a one year pre-engineering course and thereafter a full course degree. I am pretty excited about this opportunity, I mean, this is a whole new experience in a totally different environment and I am very much looking forward to join.

“I want to bring change to my community”

I would want to come back to Kilifi as there is so much that needs to be done in this community. First and foremost, water is either scarce or not available in interior parts of our County, schools are not well developed and our roads are dilapidated. It is for these reasons I particularly want to come back and bring change to my community as change starts with me and you.

“Life is not a straight line”

In ten years, I want to look back and say to myself, oh! Yes! I made it!!! I want to initiate a transformation chain where I mentor and uplift those behind me who will in turn uplift their younger ones and the process continues. I always tell myself that all bumps I experience in life are a stepping stone to the next level and that life is not a straight line and has never been a straight line.

I am a first born of four siblings and I understand that it’s up to me to set pace and be a good example to my young siblings as they are looking up to me. So I always push myself to work hard and be better so as to set a good example for them.

“Kesho made me be open-minded and sharpened my critical thinking”

I started my journey with Kesho when I was called to join Alliance Girls High School for my secondary education and ever since, Kesho has walked with me and moulded me into who I have become. I made friends who helped me study and from their Resource Center I meet students from different schools with whom we did group discussions and shared school’s experiences.

I am grateful to Kesho for taking me in when I needed them most and thought all hopes were gone. Through the various enrichment training and events, I got to be open-minded and sharpened my critical thinking. I have explored unimaginable things I never would have thought I would experience. Thank you so much Kesho Kenya!”