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A Problem Shared Is A Problem Solved

A Problem Shared Is A Problem Solved

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It is not uncommon in rural Kilifi for girls to leave school before they join high school, to either get married or to perform domestic duties, this is because most families can barely make ends meet. This situation almost became the permanent reality for 23-year-old Margret Charo Chula the sixth sibling of her parents’ nine children.
When Margret was in the 6th grade, her mother, who was the family’s bread winner’s health started to deteriorate. This was due firewood smoke that she inhaled over the years while selling viazi karai (fried potatoes) to get by. Margret said when she saw her mom cough blood, she knew she will not be going to high school and her education was about to be cut short. It was at this point that she reached out to the area Community Health Volunteer who gave her a form to fill in order to get a scholarship under the Wasichana Wote Wasome project, which is now the Wasichana Wetu Wafaulu project under Kesho Kenya Non-Government Organisation.
Unfortunately for Margret, a few days after she filled the forms and was waiting for feedback, the situation at home became unbearable and they had to move to Watamu to live with her older brother and she lost contact with the community health volunteer.

In Watamu, she would go to different salons looking to make ends meet. She would wash towels, sweep and run many other errands. This was the beginning of her passion for hairdressing. She would request the ladies at the different salons to teach how to braid and do manicures and pedicures.
Margret then decided she wanted to own a salon.
“I started praying to God to give me the means to own a salon. But I also knew faith without action would not give me a salon,” said Margret

With her mind set on her new dream, she started working on making it a reality.  Margret decided to work as a house help to raise money the funds that would enable her to open her own  salon. She made enough to join a proper hairdressing school in Malindi.  She was so good at making hair that the school decided to employ her. This did not stop her from praying for her miracle. She did not want to be employed; Margret still wanted to own her own salon.

As luck had it, one day her brother’s wife who is a community health volunteer at Kesho Kenya saw Margret’s name on the WWW’s beneficiaries list and reached out to the organisation.

Kesho Kenya through its WWW project reached out to Margret.  They offered her a scholarship, to help her pay for her hairdressing school, but she had already completed paying her fees and was about to graduate. The executive director then decided to visit her and follow up on her progress. It was during this visit that Margret expressed her dream of owning her own salon.

After months of praying and working hard Margret’s dream became a reality.  The WWW project had purchased items for their beneficiaries to start income generation projects and Margret’s name was added the list.

Margret now owns her own salon. She says on a good day she earns close to Ksh 2000. She is now able to send money home to her parents, pay her rent, feed herself and even put Ksh 200 aside on a daily basis as her savings.

“I’d like to thank Wasichana Wetu Wafaulu for the support. To you it might be a small gesture, but to girls like me out here you are giving hope, you are making a difference. I would also like to urge my fellow youth not to shy away from asking for assistance, a problem shared is a problem solved. If I didn’t share my situation, I would never have known about WWW and I would not have my own salon.” Said Margret