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Kesho & Kilifi Gold Triathlon 2014

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There were many winners at the Cheap Valium Australia again this year, not least, Order Diazepam 5Mg who were chosen as the recipient charity!  We’re planning to spend the proceeds to strengthen our programme of support for our university and college students – who are quickly approaching 100!  

It was a brilliant event with around 70 competitors and loads of community support to cheer us all on.  The course has to be one of the most beautiful in the country; a 750m swim in Kilifi Creek followed by a 20km cycle and a 5km run around Kilifi Sisal Plantation. 

Kesho was out there in full force with 6 secondary students participating in the team event and 2 Kesho Board Members completing the individual event.  We also had a Kesho stall with lots of Kesho children volunteering their support and selling snacks.  Kesho staff were really busy throughout as they were members of the organising committee and also doubled up as photographers!  One of the best moments was the performance by some of the primary children who sang and recited a poem called “Respect”. 

Evans, our new ED gave a great speech to thank the KGT organising committee for their tremendous work.   Already looking forward to next year….

Enjoy the photos…


Kesho kids selling Yummy Snanks/Snacks!


First girls team on the podium with Event Organiser, Warren Wilson (L) Photo courtesy of Biko Wesa


Kesho Primary Girls singing to the crowd of supporters before prize giving Photo courtesy of Biko Wesa


Loads of very welcome community support


Kesho children helping Sandra (Kesho’s Primary Programme Officer) to sell snacks


Kesho Secondary Students celebrating their team effort


Santie and Kate – Kesho’s Board Members – exhausted having completed the individual event!


Evans, Kesho’s new Executive Director, giving a thank you speech before the prize giving Photo courtesy of Biko Wesa

Leadership Training with One Bead from the USA – Aug 2014

Want To Buy Valium In Uk

We were tremendously grateful for the voluntary services of Buy Genuine Valium Uk who came all the way from the USA to run a four day leadership training course for Kesho secondary students; numbers were restricted to 50 and all places were filled!
There were games, team building projects and a day of community service at Sarafina Children’s Home to help cook, clean and entertain the children; the desire to give back remains extremely strong among our students.
These photos and the Online Valium Australia are best at telling the story.  It was just brilliant!

Thanks again to One Bead – do come again!


Kesho Students with One Bead Founder, Sara Wroblewski, celebrating their new found friendships.


Sara and colleague Kristy talking about


A team activity involving constructing sculptures out of sticks and straws.


Kesho Leaders enjoying the opportunity to give back to their community by working at a local orphanage


Sara Wroblewski, Founder of One Bead, awarding certificates on the last day.


One Bead signatures – a gift to all Kesho participants and staff – a symbol of unity.


Beatrice, Kesho Secondary Programme Officer with Sara celebrating a wonderful 4 days


Kesho students saying goodbye, inspired and excited having completed the leadership course.

Welcoming Evans Odhiambo, Kesho’s new Executive Director

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P1000653.jpgCelebrating 10 years with Kesho

Buy Diazepam Tablets Online, Buy Actavis Diazepam Uk

Over the past 10 years I’ve had the enormous pleasure of working with you all to build Buy Diazepam Online Australia into the vibrant organisation it is today.  We are proud to have developed such a wonderful team and transformed Kesho from being a small sponsorship fund, to one which is now providing holistic educational support to nearly 1,000 children.  

To secure Kesho’s long-term growth and sustainability, it needed to move from being a voluntary Co-Founder led organisation to one which is professionally run and staffed. 

I have, therefore, decided to step down as Executive Director (ED), a move I am confident is right for Kesho and right for me too. 

It is a decision which we have been working towards for quite some time, in open conversation with Kesho’s staff and Board, and such transparency has allowed us to plan accordingly to strengthen the organisation to withstand my transition.  We have comprehensive policies in place and a new Board comprising new and old members who are completely committed to our 5 year strategic plan and excited about taking Kesho forward. 

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Kesho’s next Executive Director, Evans Odhiambo and I invite you all to join me in welcoming him wholeheartedly to our team.  He is joining us from the Africa Education Project, Nairobi, where he has been the Country Director for the past 4 years.

Evans, without doubt, has the skills, passion and drive to take Kesho forward.  Over the next 10 months I will be to hand to share every part of the ED role with him.


It will be my pleasure to hand over and watch Kesho flourish under his new leadership.

Kesho will remain in very good hands.  Co-Founder, Zena Salim, Kesho’s “Heart” will continue as Chairperson and remain active in her ambassadorial and community engagement roles.  As for myself, I too, will remain on the Boardand enjoy the opportunity of overseeing the organisation while having the flexibility to spend a little more time in the UK to meet my children’s needs.

It truly has been an incredible decade.

With best wishes to you all,

Kate Nokes
Co-Founder and
Outgoing Executive Director

Kesho KCSE Student number 7 in the whole country

Buy Valium By Roche 10Mg

Kesho sponsored student from the coast, Calvin Mwandime, ranks number 7 out of 446,696 candidates in the country in his KCSE this year.  An incredible and well deserved achievement.  Two students from the Coast performed in the top 10 nationally this year demonstrating the academic competitiveness of our region.


Calvin and Amina celebrating with Kesho staff at the office yesterday

After doing so well at primary school Calvin was offered a place at Nairobi School, one of the top schools in the country.  His family, from Mtopanga, were supportive of Calvin’s continued education but, as casual workers, the fees were way beyond their ability to pay – equivalent to nearly their year’s salary.   Without the support of Kesho, Calvin would have had to go to a local school where it is doubtful he would have achieved the success he has.

Calvin was able to succeed due to his quiet strength determination and through the conducive learning environment at school and the support at Kesho in which we was offered termly academic advice and encouragement; a resource centre, safe and supervised to study in the holidays among friends; access to an active enrichment and training programme which includes IT and Leadership skills plus careers advice and workshops on reproductive and sexual health.

Calvin is an extremely bright, modest and quietly determined young man who has succeeded against the odds, not only becoming the top ranking student in Coast County but also number 7 in the whole country.  This is an incredible achievement and he’s looking forward the opportunity of joining JKUAT next year to study Engineering.  He says with his big open smile

”I am totally overwhelmed and over joyed.  I never expected to be among the top in the country.  I’m so grateful to Kesho for paying my fees and giving me the opportunity to study without setbacks”

 A total of 20 Kesho students sat their KCSE last year and the three top performing students were Calvin Mwandime (Nairobi School) 84 points, Amina Omar (Moi Girls) 79 points, Laureen Mbuche Karima (Loreta High School) 78 points.  All are looking forward to taking up their places at University next year and giving back to Kesho as role models and as volunteer peer educators.  They’ve very bright futures ahead and Kesho is cheering them on all the way! 


Phonics Teacher Training Course

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We all agreed what a wonderful job Wendy Buddin did in introducing some of the nursery and early primary school teachers to the world of “Phonics” in our resource centre during February, 2014.  Supported by her friend Louise Baker and by Kesho’s Primary Programme Officer, Sandra Liani, they spent two wonderfully inspiring days together, learning a lot of new ideas and techniques on modern approaches to teaching literacy.

Literacy rates in Kenya are poor, and particularly poor on the Coast where we are: 75% of children can’t read a short story by the age of 10 years (Uwezo Report 2013).  The obstacles to learning to read are enormous – class sizes are often between 50 and 80, there is a general lack of story books and resources in schools, teacher training courses are out-dated and, significantly, children are learning to read in their 2nd or 2rd language.     

This is just the beginning for Kesho – Sandra will be following up each week to help give teachers the courage, skills and creativity and enthusiasm to try introducing 10 minutes of phonics to their literacy lessons every day.  

Thanks so much Wendy and Louise for your huge contribution and expertise; I can’t say how much your belief and commitment means to us.    


Wendy teaching Teachers with Support from Louise


Wendy really giving it all


One of the teachers giving her vote of confidence to the phonics method to the rest of the team by sharing her personal experience of using it in the classroom

Meet Mbigo

Buy 1000 Valium Online


May I introduce you to Mbigo – a very special Kesho sponsored student and alumni member.

In 2007, just before Mbigo sat his primary school end of year exams both his parents died.   Somehow, in spite of such adversity, he managed to score really high marks and earned a place at one of the top secondary schools in the country.  It was an opportunity not to be missed but the cost of such a school was prohibitively expensive let alone the fact that it was a day and a half journey away.   Kesho clubbed together with two other local benefactors in order to help him accept the place and he was then accompanied to school by a well-wisher.

Things were not plain sailing though, being at school so far away and with no stable home to return to there were still many challenges ahead.  While his sister was really doing her best to earn some money it was not enough for them both.  After a time it was agreed that in the holidays Mbigo would stay at an orphanage which we knew to be good.  Thanks to the owner and his sponsor (two very inspirational people) he was very well nurtured and encouraged and his confidence grew immeasurably.

When he sat is end of secondary school exams, 4 years later, he was one of the top performing students in the county and this earned him a nationally competitive scholarship with Commercial Bank to study for a degree in Informatics at a University in Nairobi.

While he waited to take up his place Mbigo worked for Kesho for a year in our offices and resource centre, giving administrative support as well as being a fantastic peer educator and role model.  He always greeted everyone with a huge smile like the one in the photo which was instantly warm and welcoming!

During the holidays, Mbigo now works at Commercial Bank where he is paid a small stipend.  The other day, he popped by the office bright eyed and full of inspiration.  He pledged he wanted to be a great not only in academics but also as a person.  On that day he made his first cash payment towards sponsoring another Kesho student through school.

Mbigo is our first student to sponsor another.  We’re so humbled and impressed by his commitment and belief in giving back.  Mbigo and other members of the Kesho Alumni have to be the future of Kesho – we believe there are very exciting opportunities ahead.

Rising STARS Award Winners 2013

Buy Valium


Kesho wins international award

On Saturday, Kilifi-based Kesho Kenya was awarded winners of the Rising Stars Award by an international foundation at a ceremony at Kensington Palace in London.

Kesho, which advances access to education and employment for vulnerable children in Kenya, received the Order Valium Uk in Africa-Middle East. 

In 2013, more than 1300 local organisations from 60 countries applied to the Impact Awards, run by Stars Foundation and underpinned by a rigorous selection process developed with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. 

The following is a press release from Buy Diazepam 2Mg

The Awards recognise and reward effective, well-managed local organisations working to improve child health, education, protection and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) in the countries with the highest rates of under-five mortality.

Kenya has an under-five mortality rate of 85/1000 child deaths each year.

As part of the prize package, Kesho will receive $15,000 of unrestricted funding, $10,000 in tailored consultancy and a package of media support.

Muna Wehbe, Chief Executive of the Stars Foundation said:

“The Impact Awards recognise and reward outstanding local organisations working on the frontline in the fight against poverty and child mortality. We hope other donors will see that flexible funding for effective charities puts decision-making in the hands of the real development experts, unlocking their potential to become stronger, more sustainable and more able to improve the lives of the vulnerable children in their communities.

Stars Founding Chairman Amr A. Al-Dabbagh said:

“Stars Foundation is committed to reaching 20 million children and their communities by 2020. The only way we are going to do that is by supporting ever-larger numbers of local organisations doing incredible work on the ground. The 2013 Impact Award winners are beacons of effective practice, offering inspiration to other charities, and to us all.”

Stars Foundation was established by Al-Dabbagh Group in 2001, and counts President Bill Clinton and Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah as its Founding Patrons.

Family Fun Day 2013

Buy Diazepam Uk 2Mg

Kesho’s 2nd Family Fun Day – what a welcome break from all the demands and challenges at home – a chance to be a child – a chance to be a family – a chance to throw caution to the wind and have some FUN !


Sack races are just impossibly hilarious aren’t they?.

We started with a story book read in the shade of the trees followed by mask making and loads of sack and egg and spoon races.   Dad’s got a chance to show off their football tricks and then played a short match against their sons.  Mums raced too (with a difference) and then played bludgers against their daughters.  What a lot of hilarity!

Fikiri – Kesho Primary Student and Acrobat! Kesho Kids with Talent!

Fikiri treated us to an acrobatic extravaganza while we awaited our very delicious lunch and Lemic, Kesho Alumni and University student, kicked the football on one foot 107 times – beating the day’s record.  Well he does also run a youth football club in the holidays – so I guess he’s obviously got what it takes.
We ended with prize giving and one of the mums telling a story – simply wonderful.
Thanks once again for all who helped, Upendo Methodist Church for providing the grounds, the VSO Youth Volunteers and the Kesho Volunteers, namely Purity, Lemic and George – you’re always there for us!

The Mum’s race – with a difference


The Mum’s giving their full support as always.


Pilau for lunch – well earned nourishment


Dad’s playing football with their sons with a lot of supporters on the sidelines


Eggs and Spoons abandoned – time to just run for it!


There were well over 100 children and about 40 parents


Mum’s cheering and just loving it.


Zena (Kesho’s Co-Founder) came 2nd I think..


A sense of achievement during the bludgers match


A mum helping tie on her child’s butterfly mask


Nyevu – a deaf student receiving 1st prize


A family fun day for all – Zena’s (Kesho’s Co-Founder) invited her lovely family too.