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What a brilliant time the Mum’s of Kesho sponsored children have had these past couple of months learning new ways of planting vegetables which improve the soil while economising on space and irrigation.  With the coast being very dry for most of the year, a system which relies on minimal water is just what’s needed.  I was lucky to be there for the “Vegetables in a Sack” session and took these photos. 
Scope International provided the agricultural expertise – Zena and Isabel from Kesho, provided the opportunity, and generated the collective spirit and enthusiasm; which was there in abundance!  

Preparing the backyard for grow bags


Scope providing expert advice


I couldn’t resist this one!


Preparing and improving the soil

Mum’s were awarded a certificate at the end of the 5 week programme which they loved and they then, keen to continue, they decided to work collectively and help get one member of the group started on making coconut oil – it’s delicious!  
What started it?  Two things really.  One, following our recent engagement with the mum’s we realised we had a very captive and enthusiastic group; they started a collective saving scheme on their first day!   Two, in some of these families we were already supporting 5 or so of their children through school;  we felt it would be better if these Mum’s could be helped to generate their own income so they could try and support their future children themselves.  Time will tell, but either way, it’s been educational and great fun!