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News spread fast among the nursery and primary school teachers around Kilifi, that Wendy Buddin had come back to give some follow-up training on how to use phonics to teach literacy in the classroom.  Nearly all the teachers from last year came plus six new teachers too. 
Supported by her friend Louise Baker and by Kesho’s Primary Programme Officer, Charity, they spent a wonderful inspiring afternoon together, learning a lot of new ideas and techniques on modern approaches to teaching literacy.

Kesho’s literacy programme was set up in response to the poor literacy rates, particularly on the coast of Kenya where 75% of children can’t read a short story by the age of 10 years (Uwezo Report 2013).  The obstacles to learning to read are enormous – class sizes are often between 50 and 80, there is a general lack of story books and resources in schools, teacher training courses are out-dated and, significantly, children are learning to read in their 2nd or 2rd language.     

We’re now seeing the impact our individual reading sessions with children are having on their reading ability.  Off the press results show that of the 38 children who read regularly, 40% are reading to within 1 year of their age compared to only 10% of those who do not get the extra individual practice.   

Thanks so much Wendy and Louise for your huge contribution and expertise; your belief and commitment means a lot.